Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

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Age Ain't Nothing but a Number

By: Wilbert A. Brown Jr.


About the Book

Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number is a story about two people, Brian and Nia, finding true love despite their age difference. Surrounded by a neighborhood being taken over by drugs and violence, they make a way for themselves and show their naysayers that love and goodness can prevail above all.

 About the Author

Wilbert A. Brown Jr. is a retired veteran who served in the New York Army Reserve National Guard for twenty-five years as an artilleryman, cannoneer, and training NCO. While serving a tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom II, he saw action in Al Nasiriya, Casule and Baghdad. He is currently writing, painting, and producing music.


(2023, paperback, 246 pages)

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