A Woman Without a Purse by Lady J.

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A Woman Without a Purse by Lady J.

By: Kiu Kan Jane Yuen-Pivin


About the Book

A Woman Without a Purse is the autobiography of Lady J.’s Christian Life before and after she met her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Lady J. shares how Jesus changed her life and guided her to help others to come to know him. Lady J. hopes this work will encourage others to let Jesus Christ into their lives.


About the Author

Lady J. was active in her church and home bible study groups. She cherishes her time to read her bible and learn more about her Lord Jesus Christ, so she can share her faith with everyone she meets. Lady J. enjoyed being a Sunday School teacher to help mold and shape the lives of our youth. Her family has always been her greatest asset besides Jesus Christ.Lady J. has a master’s degree in counseling. She worked for the Navy in Fleet & Family in supporting Navy families in their times of need.

(2023, paperback, 276 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review