A Trace of Pet Glitter

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A Trace of Pet Glitter

By: Theresa Nagy


About the Book

Why, oh why would someone break into Pretty Pets Groomer? That’s what owner Veranne and the police officers she calls for help are wondering. In addition to noticing that the bad guys were definitely searching for something specific, Officer Nick Mount also picks up on an attraction between him and Veranne. Though it’s odd timing, Nick quickly asks Veranne out to dinner, and since the only man in her life is her dog, Comet, she says yes. But there’s still a mystery to solve, and everyone, from Nick’s partner to his cousin to even Comet offers assistance. Perhaps looking into the building’s history will lend some insight. You’ll have to read A Trace of Pet Glitter to find out.


About the Author

Theresa Nagy works full time. She likes to read romance and write. She lives with a rescued greyhound and likes to do 1000-piece puzzles.


(2022, paperback, 176 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review