A Change in Course

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A Change in Course

By: JD Cline


About the Book

Tragedy strikes two individuals on opposite sides of the country. At the pinnacle of his career in New York City, Matt seems to have it all. With a promotion on the horizon, Matt’s world suddenly comes crashing down when he learns his personal life and career have irrevocably collided. Meanwhile, Alexandra is in a loveless marriage in California until one day her life of luxury and passivity implodes, forcing her to face the reality she’s been avoiding. With nowhere to turn, Matt and Alexandra each venture into their pasts to rebuild their futures. None of it is easy, and they will be tested along the way, but fate has a way of leading us where we need to go, if we only listen to our hearts.


About the Author

JD Cline is a graduate of the University of South Carolina. He has worked in healthcare and sales in the Southeast for more than twenty-nine years. He lives with his wife, Brenda, and his chocolate lab, Hurricane Hank, on the coast of South Carolina.


(2021, hardback, 204 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review