34 Days In...

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34 Days In...

By: Dr. Daniel T. Hines


About the Book

34 Days In… details Dr. Daniel T. Hines personal experience during his 34 days in jail and the revelations and encouragement from God that accompanied this experience. Comprised of daily reflections and revelations, each entry offers a personal take away that will encourage the reader.

            Inspired of the Lord Jesus Christ, 34 Days In… reaches toward a multitude of people, whether they are within or without the religious sect.


About the Author

Dr. Daniel T. Hines the founder of City of Refuge Ministries Worldwide, which currently gives Ministry to more than 70 churches across the globe. Hines is also the proud Senior Pastor of City of Refuge Mission Family Worship Center in Brunswick, GA.

            In March 2018, an Honorary Doctor of Ministry was conferred by the Levites Theological Seminary and Bible College located in Ghana, Africa, for his years of contribution, both humanitarian and spiritual.

            On April 25, 2020, he married his love, Mrs. Sierra (Alford) Hines. Hines proudly serves the members of his community in any way possible that will allow them to see the light and love of Christ.


(2022, paperback, 168 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review