My Father, My Friend

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My Father, My Friend
by M. D. Smith Although we may not realize it, the Holy Trinity is always subtly present and working in our lives, even when the results are not always apparent. Like a sumptuous buffet, God spreads his love, grace, and mercy before us, but if we choose not to partake, then whose fault is that? Maybe he does not always answer every prayer because he wants only what is best for us, and granting every wish may not fulfill his will for us. Think about all the chances he gives us to invite him into our live, to accept his son as our savior, and to accept the Holy Spirit as the guiding force in our lives. When we reject these offerings, we are effectively rejecting God. But he is loving and merciful God, as illustrated by the short essays in My Father, My Friend, and Ms. Smiths words are sure to make the reader re-think his stance and belief in Gods guiding influences. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A native of Trinidad, Tobago, M.D. Smith is mother to three children Shaka, Seth, and Seraiah. Employed as a physician, in her spare time she enjoys singing, reading, and cooking. (2004, paperback, 58 pages)