Honey and the Sunset

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Honey and the Sunset
by Shanti Sparks No matter where
I am in life,
a sunset will
make me look twice.
I take in the sun
to start the fun.
Im so amazed
it has just begun.
Honey is awestruck and so incredibly excited at the beautiful sunset she gets to experience. The vibrant orange colors dance around her and make her ever so happy. But when the sun finally goes down and the moon comes out, Honey realizes how special the sunset is and that it truly is a gift from above. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Shanti Sparks is the author and illustrator of Honey and the Sunset. This story is based on a memory from her childhood. She is a teacher and lives with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia. She has one son and two daughters. This is her first childrens book. She grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduated from Robert A. Taft High School and Miami University of Oxford, Ohio. Shanti has written many school programs for the enjoyment of children but is thrilled to begin writing and publishing childrens books. (2008, paperback, 38 pages)