ZENNY RIEL: An Arithmetic Notebook In View - eBook

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ZENNY RIEL: An Arithmetic Notebook In View

By: C. Zenaida Riel


About the Book

The ZENNY RIEL model of mathematics is a no-trial-and-error, fast and sure approach to the arithmetical processes.

Now with an illustration of the modified abacus, ZENNY RIEL will give you confidence in mathematics and adjusts the narrative, for once making the tool (calculator or abacus) obsolete for learners—and not the other way around!

About the Author

C. Zenaida Riel is a retiree from Accounting and Office computer applications and now works full time in a mall department store engaging in sales. She received a Bachelor in Business Administration, majoring in Accounting, and is a licensed Phil CPA.

Riel served as a professor of accounting, banking, and business mathematics in three Manila universities, for a while was dean of a college of commerce, then served as academic director of a high school of 998 students before coming to America. Once settled in Massachusetts, Riel was a comptroller of automotive dealerships, and after moving to Texas, she was CFO, General Accountant, until she retired at age 65.

With her husband of 52 years, Riel has three biological sons and a daughter, plus six more adopted children. She engages in math conversations with children, parents, and students, in and out of the school system and as a foster grandparent in community schools, not only in America but also in the Philippines. She volunteers in her church and her community.


(2024, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review