Words from the Heart: Volume 1 - eBook

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Words from the Heart: Volume 1

By: Benjamin E. Thompkins Jr.


About the Book

Words from the Heart: Volume 1explores relationships, love, self-awareness, religion, and spirituality, while teaching the importance of treating others and oneself with kindness and respect. It inspires everyone to not just see nature, but to taste it daily, and to live fully immersed in this world made, for us by God.


About the Author

Having sustained a serious neck injury, Benjamin E. Thompkins Jr. spent several years barely able to walk, and five years without being able to move his neck. Through the trials and the pain of his injury, which he’s lived with for over twenty-five years, he’s retained his faith in the Holy Trinity and thanks to God daily for the blessed life he is able to live. He reads a chapter a day from the Bible. Thompkins is a dedicated family man who spends much of his time with family and friends. He also enjoys gardening and sports, rooting for his favorite teams: the Arizona Wildcats, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Phoenix Suns.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review