Wonder Rhymes

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by Kenneth Musser The modern city would be as clear as could be.
Radiating, Electroluminescent gold paneling would be
Everywhere for all to see.
Radiating gold bricks would be the walkways to be.
There would be an absence of time for all there to
Live by and see.
Such a place I visualize for all that be.
If a person could visualize a world beyond, what would it be? Kenneth Mussers Wonder Rhymes illuminates on the real vision that only the future knows. In Wonder Rhymes, all of the poems are created in the spirit of optimism and hope in the mind for the future in mind. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy with a glimpse into the future in mind. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy Wonder Rhymes. ABOUT THE AUTHOR A graduate of Fair Lawn Public Schools in New Jersey and of Hope College in Holland, Michigan, Kenneth Musser holds a masters degree from Michigan State University. He currently resides in Pennsylvania, where he devotes much of his time as an author, designer/inventor, poet, and songwriter/lyricist. This is his eighteenth published book. (2007, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review