Women on the Outside Looking In

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Women on the Outside Looking In
by Pastor Linda Mcllwain-Hayes

Modern society has given women power more than it ever had centuries ago. Women are now bestowed with the rights that were formerly a privilege to men only. This newfound power enables woman to use her potential to the fullest, allowing many to become successful leaders and professionals worthy of respect and accolades. However, there is an institution that somewhat undermines her capability to lead.

Apparently, many religious groups still deny women pastors to preach in the pulpit and hold higher religious order, including becoming appointees to a church she may lead. Pastor Linda McIlwain-Hayes is saddened that women pastors were denied of the opportunity to practice their calling because men of the church would not allow them to lead their flock, citing biblical reasons and otherwise biased outlook on women.

In her book, Women on the Outside Looking In, Pastor McIlwain-Hayes attempts to convince existing religious sects that women have the right to perform the function of male pastors in shepherding their Christian brothers and sisters. Using the Scripture as reference, she refutes the claims of male pastors that the womans role is confined in the home or other institutions but the Church. Maintaining her respect for their church leaders, Pastor McIlwain-Hayes still hopes a compromise will be reached soon and that the women pastors will band together to be able to become real preachers of the Gospel and ministers of Christ and his followers.

About the Author

Pastor Linda McIlwain-Hayes has been a member of the Greater Faith Holy Temple for sixteen years. She does volunteer work with several religious organizations, as well as with the homeless and children with disabilities. A mother of five, she also has literary inclinations and has written speeches, poems, and plays.

(2012, paperback,80 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review