Wolf Streak Beta: Alienation - eBook

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Wolf Streak Beta: Alienation

By: M.G. Brown


About the Book

One Blue Jay spacecraft destroyed yesterday! Two of the crew killed! Survivors stranded on alien world in solar system afar from Homeworld across galaxy! Past friendships strained, perhaps lost! Yet to survive, trust & loyalty must renew! But will prior human perspectives be enough to go on in such lethal alien realities? Can our human characters push aside their past perspectives?

           ‘Wolf Streak Beta: Alienation’ continues the story of ‘Wolf Streak Beta: Awareness’ bringing readers back into a world in a galaxy beyond expectations of human explorers. A sci-fi sequel to have readers on the edge of their seat as the saga unravels to tease new thoughtful possibilities.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review