Wizards & Witches: Whisper (Book One)

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Wizards & Witches: Whisper (Book One)

By: Johnathan Phillip Blackwell


About the Book

Of that I be, the truth of magic does not exist! Only there be events (effects) of a cause, be that cause physical or mental. Effects can be as simple as someone showing up at your side, your door, or something as drastic as someone’s death, or a catastrophic storm. These effects be the wonderful, beautiful, yet often unseen painful and disastrous world of MAGIC!

Never curse anyone intentionally! If your belief or intent is strong enough, it can, and has happened in a matter of minutes! Be patient, persistent, and compassionate, believe in the abilities of thyself, and it shall come! This be not a fad or game we speak of here; it is very real! Occasionally, deadly real! Never put yourself in the position of having to ask yourself, “Am I responsible for that?        Did I do that?!” If you play with fire, you will get burnt!

This be of a fantasy world relative to our reality that cannot be ignored! Hear that of the wizards and witches’ wisdom, as it parallels that of your existence and mine!

About the Author

Johnathan Phillip Blackwell was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and lived there until age twelve. As a military brat, Blackwell traveled to Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Kansas, and California. He graduated from Washington Union High School in Freemont, California in 1962 and worked for Bishop Moving and Storage in Long Beach before joining the U.S. Air Force in 1964. Blackwell spent sixteen years in Japan and nine months in Vietnam before being medevacked out. He served in the U.S.A.F. for twenty-six years. He later drove trucks, some long haul, for thirteen years.

Blackwell has played guitar in a band, and he also loves to play chess. He taught C141s and C130s Phase II school. Blackwell is interested in plate tectonics, astrology, astronomy, the mind, and making big puzzles, but his true love is writing novels. Blackwell has lived all his goals and then some. He is presently widowed and living in Ogden, Utah.


(2023, paperback, 214 pages)

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