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WITHOUT A PENNY IN MY POCKET; My Bittersweet Memories Before and After World War II
by Marie S.C. Castro (Miss Soledad)

Some memories live in hearts and minds even though miles and years come betweenand for the author, she not only has memories to share, but a history to tell.

Born and raised in the island of Saipan in Northern Marianas, Marie S. C. Castro (Miss Soledad) witnessed the transition of an idyllic community into a land of terror and poverty as the Japanese soldiers invaded her homeland. But rather than just tales of adversity in the hands of the Japanese invaders and the horrors of war, she showcases stories of bravery, faith, and hope as she, her people, and the American soldiers battle for survival, freedom, and restoration of not only their beloved community, but also of their own lives and future.

About the Author:

Marie S. C. Castro (Miss Soledad) was born to a large family in Saipan, one of the main islands in Northern Marianas. She pursued studies to become a nun, which opened avenues for her to educate young children. She served as vice principal in a parochial school in Saipan for two terms and taught for twenty-five years in the Kansas City school system.

(2014, Hardbound, 216 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review