Willow's Town

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Willows Town
by Tamie Elliott

When Tara embarks on a road trip to meet her husband, Ray, who has been working out of town, she never could have dreamed the horrors shed facenot even in her nightmares. Taras car inevitably breaks down outside of Willows realm, a town steeped in history and horrific tragedy and run by a Warlock and his meddling troll.

Along with two other women, Tara finds herself in the middle of an evil love story. Together, the women must outwit Willow to escape their prison and save themselves. The escape is complicated as Tara learns more about the history of the town and about her captors. She must use her knowledge to escape from the unusually creative nastiness imagined up by her captor, Willow.

About the Author:

Tamie Elliott resides in a small northeastern Texas town with her husband, Ray. Her favorite author is Stephen King. She holds a degree in Criminal Justice.

In addition to writing, she loves to read, horseback ride and spend time with her family, her Chinese Pug, Siamese cat, and two horses.

Willows Town grew out of a nightmare. Elliott hopes her readers are entertained be the horror and antics of Willow.

(2016, Paperback, 108 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review