Will Braxby

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Will Braxby
by Walt Hansen

Flying B Ranch has been the pride of the Braxby family for generations, and Will Braxby is determined to keep the property to the family. No one can separate him from the Braxby family legacynot his older son and daughter, who have no interest in running the Braxby ranch; not his mentally challenged sons inability to function normally; not his best friend; not his workers; heck, not even God. But how far will his resolve take him when tragedy after tragedy befalls him?

About the Author

Walt Hansen is a retired educator. He taught English at Geraldine High School and Livingston Junior High School before accepting an offer from Anaconda High School, where he spent the next thirty-six years teaching English and business and then serving later as a principal. He loves walking, hiking, fishing, motorbike riding, watching movies, reading books, surfing the Internet, and working in the yardactivities he likes to do with friends and family members. This Western Montana College alumnus still lives with his wife in Anaconda, Montana, where he was born and raised. They have two adult children and one granddaughter.

(2014, Paperback, 166 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review