Why Men Cheat: Truth Being Told - eBook

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Why Men Cheat

By: Greg Wells Sr.


About the Book

Why Men Cheat takes the reader on a thought-provoking, eye-opening journey on a very controversial subject. It provides insight and gives answers to people in relationships and marriages about why men cheat.

Taking a completely different approach to the subject, Why Men Cheat offers both detailed pertinent information as well as a story. Readers can readily identify with the words and can apply any or all that relates to situations in their own relationships or marriages.


About the Author

Greg Wells Sr. has been volunteering as a mentor and speaking with at-risk youth for nearly twenty years now. He has dedicated his time to assisting and helping others in his community with coat drives for the less fortunate, clothes and shoes giveaways, and providing school supplies for kids going back to school.

In April 2018, Greg started his own nonprofit business, <50-20> Productions Inc., which is a corporation that addresses and brings awareness on social issues in today's societies. Their goals are to tour different cities and connect with their communities, offering positive solutions through high-quality performances on comedic yet relatable subject matters with hired actors and actresses through live theater. They view themselves as an outlet to their communities and environment. In addition, they're looking to expand their brand name and build a successful corporation that many will support and embrace.

Greg’s hobbies are working out, playing sports, playing spades, reading, writing, comedy shows, bowling, traveling, and meeting people. He is a single father to five beautiful children.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review