Why Have You Forsaken Me?

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Why Have You Forsaken Me?
by Cornelius Lee Barker, MA.

The public views the police and/or detectives making arrests, lawyers doing their job to get the best for their clients, and judges making the decisions regarding guilt or innocence.

However, until guilt or innocence is proven, the incarcerated must be taken care of and that is where the CORRECTIONAL OFFICER comes in.

It is time for the CORRECTIONAL OFFICER to be acknowledged for more than just babysitting the accused.

This book will take you through a FACT-BASED story about the responsibilities of a CORRECTIONAL OFFICER, regarding the pressures, stress, and pain which he or she may experience on a daily basis.

Just imagine what the CORRECTIONAL OFFICER has to go through, where at times they are individually in charge of over 60-70 of the accused for during 8, 16, and even 24-hour shift.

The CORRECTIONAL OFFICER experiences situations that almost defy the imagination.

Please understand this is for real to daily allow yourself to be subjected to the stories of the accused about family abandonment, abuse, prohibited activities, gang involvement, loves/hates, misuse, murder, etc. Again, this is for real!

Now, with all that going on, the CORRECTIONAL OFFICER still has to keep the policies and procedures on self-related safety factors as a priority.


(2014, Paperback, 64 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review