Who's Not Talking?

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Whos Not Talking?
by Joe T. Murphy Jr.

Some people are loud, and talk without being afraid. Some people are quiet, seemingly shy, and can be overlooked by their peers.

In the city of Key Town, Speedy the motorcycle and his friends must learn that, sometimes, being quiet is just as important as being loud. In Whos Not Talking?, the group realizes their quiet friend, Littleton, is very helpful, kind, and brings joy each and every day.

About the Author:

Joe T. Murphy Jr., is a writer, student, soccer player, singer, and brother. When he wrote Whos Not Talking? he was seven attending school in Maryland.

Joes story reflects the world which he experiences: learning, loving and caring for family. His love for cars, toys, trucks and using computers have inspired him to create the city and characters of Key Town. He wishes to share the enjoyment of this story with others and encourages readers to use their imagination.

(2016, Paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review