Who Is the Girl in the Picture?

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by Kimberly Ann Gehret Herman Who is the girl in the picture Sam found in Erins attic? Why does she seem to be playing some sort of sick and tortuous game with Sam and her friends? And who is Lee Stevens? What does he have to do with all of this? The gang sets out to find the answers and solve the mystery behind the unusual and paranormal happenings that have begun haunting their lives since Sam unearthed a picture of a girl who eerily resembles Erin, but whom no one seems to know. It seems only Erins parents can provide any clues to the mysterious and frightening occurrences, but now theyve disappeared for parts unknown! Will they return before events escalate to a lethal level? Will the group keep from turning on one another as they race against time to find the solution and return their lives to normal? Delve in to find out, but dont plan on putting this one down until you reach the shattering climax and find out Who Is the Girl in the Picture! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Mother to three daughters Casey, Angela, and Jennifer in her spare time Ms. Herman enjoys crafts and raising a variety of small animals. (2004, paperback, 320 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review