Who I Am (A Child of God)

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Who I Am (A Child of God) 

By: Chavella Shana Dobbins


About the Book

Who I Am (A Child of God) follows the story of Faith Justice, a young African Princess, on her journey to wise and loving leadership. Her family helps her understand the significance of their culture, home, and how to honor God through everything she does. Faith’s story revolves around making good decisions and being an example for all young girls to follow in today’s world. This book explores the intertwining of God and black culture, and the importance of God in a child’s life.


About the Author

Chavella Shana Dobbins was born in Merced, California in 1969 to two loving parents, Norah Lee Dobbins and Iva Elaine Daniel’s. Dobbins was raised in church with her family and from a young age has wanted to spread her love of God through writing. She graduated top of her class from Merced Community College with an AA in Visual Arts and went on to receive an award of outstanding academic achievement from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Dobbins now owns her own business, Wonderful World of Art, where she teaches art. And in her free time, she teaches children the different forms of art at the Merced Art Center. Dobbins is the proud mother of two boys, Lee and Lucky Harris.


(2021, hardback, 30 pages)

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