Who Has Stinky Smelly Feet? - eBook

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Who Has Stinky, Smelly Feet?

By: Jaqueline Vicario-Much


 About the Book


What’s the smell? Someone in the house has stinky, smelly feet. But wait… is it one of them, or all of them? PU!


About the Author


Jacqueline Vicario-Much began her career in graphic design before taking time off to raise her children. Shortly after, she began painting and decorating baby’s and children’s rooms before segueing into the faux painting era. She’s always had a love for silly children’s book and has longed to write one of her own. Who Has Stinky, Smelly Feet was born of that desire, a story she used to tell her own children at bedtime.


                Now, Much spends most of her time split between travelling with her husband of 30 years and working as a realtor. 


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review