Whiz-Dumbs: A Compilation of Motivational Thoughts and Quotes from Folks Known and Unknown!

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by LuVal

Whether viewed as wise or dumb, there is the hope that these words will provide positive inspiration and encouragement to someone, somewhere, as they have to author LuVal in her day-to-day life experiences!

This book is about making folks feel good about themselves. If plans A and B dont pan out, work the alphabet and when you get to Z, start again, as long as youre moving toward your goal! In lifes equation, we are our own common denominator!

About the Author:

Words are definitely mightier than the sword and can make or break a spirit. LuVal a forty-year Lupus survivor, initially started writing down feel-good sayings from different peoplefirst for personal motivation, then throughout the years she would quote so-and-so and people would ask, What did you say? or reply, I like that, and write it down themselves. Some even went as far as calling them Valisms. She couldnt take all the recognition, and so she decided to compile a list and give credit where credit was due (if known)whether from someone famous or her Grandmother, who by the way died in 1949, the year she was born. But for many years, her mother would drill Grannys saying: Be your job, great or small, do it well or not at all. Once the task has now begun, never stop until its done.

(2016, Paperback, 50 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review