Where the Buffalos Roam - eBook

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Where the Buffalos Roam: Family Letters Between an Alabama Abolitionist and Slave Owner

By: Dr. Rollin Medwin Steele Jr.

About the Book

Following the life of Lucius Wilcox, a person with abolitionist views shows the struggles he had being a businessman in the South. The author having family ties to Mr. Wilcox and his father-In-Law, Mr. Crawford. gives an in depth, personal perspective which may not have been encountered previously. From Mr. Wilcox's first job, which lasted fourteen years and included the event of marrying the girl he loved Frances Crawford and then their trials moving North. Mr. Wilcox's life and hardships precede and undergird the thoughts of the modern Black Lives Matter movement and of valued diversity.

(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review