Where Did the Sun Go? - eBook

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Where Did the Sun Go?
by Rebel DeVaughn

Rebel DeVaughn’s Where Did the Sun Go? is an enchanting tale of a young girl name Gwen, searching to find one of nature’s most precious treasures—the Sun! It seems to play hide and seek at night! Gwen, like many children, is adventurous, curious and likes to explore her surroundings. This leads her to meet some new friends along the way to help her on her journey!

Gwen learns that even if things look dark and bleak, the light will eventually shine on you.

About the Author:

Author Rebel DeVaughn comes from a small town in western Pennsylvania and has received his bachelor’s degree from California University of Pennsylvania for graphic design. He plays a few instruments and dabbles in some photography as well. Where Did the Sun Go? is for his nephew, Jace, and his Granny.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review