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Imagine hearing what Jobs wife said during their difficult trials. Imagine what the brides family and guests felt at the wedding feast in which Jesus turned water to wine. How do the dramatic stories of Genesis dovetail and build upon each other in unexpected ways? Whats in That Book? A Spiritual War Story offers such insights. It also demonstrates that the Bible, the living Word, contains a blueprint for helping all of us to triumph in the spiritual battles of our lives. Thoroughly researched and footnoted, yet employing imagination and moving dialogue, this book breathes life into Biblical characters who knew God and participated in the telling of Gods story. From the beginning of time as described in Genesis, to the prophecies laid out in the New Testament, each story is shown to be a part of and to contribute to a larger and more meaningful message. Creatively woven together, Whats in That Book? provides valuable perspectives and insight into the great wisdom and loving gifts that God offers to everyone. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Evelyn Christoff has devoted several decades to Bible study and to bringing biblical messages to life. A graduate of USC, she has resided in California for over 50 years. Throughout her life, Evelyn has enjoyed books, humor and hobbies, such as the study of her genealogical roots, which uncovered remarkable stories of her ancestors. Even more fascinating to her than these stories, however, is her study of the Bible and spiritual roots. She counts her years as both student and teacher of Bible studies to be among her most satisfying and enriching experiences. Christoff/2003/paperback/260pp


(No reviews yet) Write a Review