What Lurks in the Shadows - eBook

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What Lurks in the Shadows - eBook

What Lurks in the Shadows

by S. C. Shannon


About the Book

The end of the world has come, and Grace has a front row seat. Her suburban life has been replaced by a daily struggle to survive. Just as she and her family begin to adjust to their new life, another threat emerges. One even more terrifying than the end of the world.

Skillfully woven and brilliantly paced, What Lurks in the Shadows is a thrilling account of a modern apocalypse and the reality of what it would truly take to survive.


About the Author

S.C. Shannon has worked in law enforcement for over a decade. She grew up in Southern California in a close knit family. She graduated with a bachelor’s in criminal justice and went on to obtain her master’s in forensic psychology. S.C. Shannon remains in California, where she continues to serve her community and write.


(2021, eBook)