What If One Plus One Is Not Two? - eBook

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What If One Plus One Is Not Two? - eBook

What If One Plus One Is Not Two?

Daniel McMullan


What If One Plus One Is Not Two? shares an internal dialogue dissecting some of life’s most perplexing questions. Fascinated by chemistry in school, nineteen year-old McMullan pondered over different theories of nature while writing in his notebooks.  This led him to epiphanies that completely changed his understanding of the world.  For over a decade he organized and elaborated on those writings to form this book.  While we often think of ourselves as free-thinking, conscious beings, McMullan suggests that our minds are products of evolution and fundamentally “surviving machines”.  Come along for the ride as he explores the philosophical implications of this paradigm-shifting perspective.


About the Author

Daniel McMullan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Mathematics from Midwestern State University in 2011. As a professional designer of industrial control systems, his desire to understand how things work extended beyond the machinery.  Listen to his album “Think Outside the Box” to experience how he composes music and lyrics to deliver his ideas in a melodic format.  The latest discoveries in science and philosophy continue to intrigue him as he diligently progresses toward publishing more books. 


(2021, eBook)