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Welcome to My World

By: Armani Borden


About the Book

Tiana is a young girl who lives on the planet Burea. After a world-changing event kills her father, her family is threatened, and since her grieving mother is no longer there mentally or emotionally, and her twin sister, Aliana, is not cut out for it, Tiana decides to take the safety of her family in her hands by becoming an agent—an elite fighter and killer.

Welcome to My World takes the reader along Tiana’s journey as she trains and prepares herself for the day she’s been waiting for, while meeting some new friends along the way, friends who will stand and fight by her side.


About the Author

Born in Detroit and raised in Ohio, Armani Borden is a graduate of Bowling Green State University. She received a Bachelor’s in Film Production, loves action and comedy films, and books and music are her life. She listens, sings, and plays music every day. She also loves giving back to her community by volunteering for community service events through her current job and in town. Borden grew up an only child with her mother, so she spent her days playing by herself, which helped her develop such a big and vivid imagination.


(2022, eBook, 170 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review