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Web of Fear

By: Carla J. Coffey


About the Book

Having had enough fear and abuse from her husband, Miranda Kelly decides to escape with her only daughter, Maggie, to her Aunt Lydia and Uncle Verne’s home. It is in this decision that Miranda finds a true community and family. While there, Miranda meets Derrick, a kind man who wants to help her recover from the abuse she suffered at Brian’s hand.

Though heading in the right direction, Miranda finds herself constantly in fear of the day Brian comes to find them. When this fear becomes reality, will Miranda be able to stand up for her daughter, as well as herself, and the new life they have made?


About the Author

Carla J. Coffey is a widow with three grown children and a stepson. She has five grandchildren. She bowls on two separate bowling leagues, and is an avid crafter. She is also the owner of a craft shop, Crimora Crafts and More, and acts in theatrical plays with The Crimora Players.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review