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We Are America, We Are Americans

By:  Matt Teahan

About the Book

A Journey through life (at least part of it)... and the lessons learned… and in a rare instance…. taught. In this quasi-autobiography, I answer the confounding questions of our day through a riveting (for some people) journey of all topics relevant. Is the United States of America really a Christian Nation? Where has this Country’s corporate leadership gone? Why would anyone waste an entire adolescence refining their basketball jump shot? Why has the moral compass in Professional Sports disappeared into the abyss of political wokeness? Why do we need to ban plastic straws and not water bottles…..particularly if Climate Change is going to kill us all in 9 years, anyway? How do we pay reparations for people of mixed race? How can chicken sandwiches galvanize and legitimize the LGBT community? What did I share with the Pope at the sacred site of Fatima? What’s it going to take to get millennials off Twitter, out of Mom’s basement and into Church? Why is ‘systemic ignorance’ a far greater threat to this country than anything else ‘systemic’? I’ll introduce a toxic blend of fact, fiction, criticism, sarcasm, reality, inquiry, and humor into the topics of the day. And I’ll blend my shallow, yet relevant, life experiences into the mix where it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. You may get bored. You might not. You may or may not like my viewpoints. You might not even like me. But you won’t be the first nor the last. I think, however, everyone will find something here they can relate to. Whether it’s basketball, friends, God, politics, a career, or the social issues of the day there’s something for everybody. Even for those who rarely open a book, like today’s College students. For them I’ve included pictures. See! Something for everybody!! And although some of my viewpoints you may frown upon, you will appreciate the humor, anecdotes, multiple geography lessons, ridicule, sarcasm, and blatant hypocrisy that I’ll expose on any number of topics. All shrouded in the novel concept called ‘common sense’. And if you don’t like to read about those types of things, then don’t buy the book. Get it at the library.

I started this book on July 4th, 2020. And I did it for a reason.   


About the Author

Having lived in a dozen states and a couple of foreign countries and spent over 35 years in Corporate America, Matt now finds himself biding his time between Colorado and Arizona, coaching basketball, playing Pickleball, and searching for his tee shots. He continues, along with his two fleabag cats, to be active in fighting for freedom, love of God, country, and all things USA.

(2022, hardback, 460 pages)          

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