Warri: A focus on the Itsekiri

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Warri: A focus on the Itsekiri

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Warri: A focus on the Itsekiri
edited by J. O. S. Ayomike

In response to continuing Urhobo attacks on Itsekiri history, J. O. S. Ayomike and two contributors, E. O. Ekpoko and Chief I. O. Jemide, offer a comprehensive examination of the Itsekiri of Nigeria, including Warri, the Olu of Warri, and the legal maneuvers of their vilifiers.

We hope, the author of the preface says, that this book will tell Itsekiri history as it is and clear the way for harmonious interrelationships in modern multicultural Nigeria.

About the Author

Author and editor J. O. S. Ayomike took an honours degree at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Appointed a civil commissioner in Nigerias Midwestern State (later Bendel), he has served in several state ministries, including Health, Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Information, Culture, and Sports. A member of the Itsekiri Leaders Forum and the famed Itsekiri Leaders of Thought, J. O. S. Ayomike is listed in the first Whos Who in Africa (1981). He is married with children; his particular interests include New Testament history and Church history in general.

Contributor Edward Omamogho Ekpoko, a legal practitioner, has spent close to thirty years in the study of the history of Warri and the Niger Delta. A prolific writer, a social commentator, and a fearless defender of the rights of the Itsekiri people, E. O. Ekpoko was involved in nearly all the efforts at bringing peace to Warri during the Warri crisis.

Contributor Chief I. O. Jemide obtained a Cambridge School Certificate at Hussey College, Warri, then an LLB from London Universitys Westminster College (1961), and was called to the Bar at Londons Lincolns Inn. Chief Jemide was a member of the Bendel State House of Assembly (1979-1983) and appointed a Chief of the Warri Kingdom in 1985.

(2009, paperback, 240 pages)