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Warm Western Light

By: RJ Miller


About the Book

Henry Wolcott asked a lot of questions, even if he was the only one around to hear them. This inquisitive nature served him well during his distinguished service during the Civil War, and his heroic efforts earned Henry a large plot of land in the burgeoning rangeland of Western Wyoming. The end of the war was the beginning of the great migration of Americans from east to west, driven by the strength of character and sense of adventures of the individuals who risked all for this pioneering life…a strenuous life.

Warm Western Light is a story of one such brave and strong American who joined hundreds of thousands of brave men, women, and children. Despite the incredible hardships endured in this migration, their sacrifice created a legacy that would prove to be the backbone of our United States of America. This brilliantly conceived novel may only be the account of one such man, however few men have ever faced a decision as consequential as the decision that faced Henry…giving away one of his infant twin boys. The necessity of this decision was the ultimate act of love as the boys would be separated by thousands of miles, each knowing nothing about the existence of the other…until one fateful day when their worlds collide. Please join Henry in the celebration of the human condition that seeks freedom, adventure, love, tragedy, sacrifice, and the ultimate redemption.

About the Author

This is the inaugural novel by RJ Miller, a fifth generation Wyomingite. RJ is a life-long entrepreneur and a flat out lucky man who spends his time appreciating his beautiful family and experiencing the magic that comes with living each and every day.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review