Walking Through a Rainbow - eBook

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Walking Through a Rainbow

By: Nadine McKinzie


About the Book


Walking Through a Rainbow is the vividly descriptive journey of a young girl as she is drawn down her street to see a rainbow. As she walks through the different colors, she uses her senses to describe what she is experiencing. The gentle wording brings a sense of peace to the reader, relating that there is beauty all around if you look.


About the Author


Nadine McKinzie was raised on a farm in northeast Missouri. She has been married to a city boy for thirty-seven years and has recently found a love for writing children’s stories. As a retired kindergarten teacher and mother of three, she draws on these experiences and her love of nature to inspire her writing. The two passions that have always been by her side are her love for the Lord Jesus Christ and her love for gardening. Today, she serves at her church, is a member of a garden club, and enjoys all the fun that comes with watching and caring for her grandchildren.


(2022, eBook)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review