Walking a Day in Gammi's Shoes

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Walking a Day in Gammi’s Shoes

By: Marjorie K. Middleton


About the Book

A child holds a special bond with grandparents. There is no other kind of bond like it! Walking a Day in Gammi’s Shoes is an example of that extra special love and respect that is often shared between a grandmother and her grandkids. This short story is also a great introduction to reading for young children. 


About the Author

Marjorie K. Middleton was born in Nassau, Bahamas. She attended Broward Community College in Hollywood, Florida studying Marketing and Journalism. She has been married to Byron Middleton for 35 years and they have a combined six children and now 11 grandchildren. Marjorie’s hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, crafting, helping others and spending as much time as possible enjoying her grandkids.


(2020, Hardcover, 32 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review