Wagner, The Dog with No Tail

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Wagner, The Dog with No Tail
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Wagner, The Dog with No Tail
by Marlene Alexander

Wagner, a dog with no tail, has started to lose hope. He is starting to think that he will never find a loving family to adopt him and take him home from the animal shelterand its all because his tail is too small. Its so small, in fact, that he is known as the dog with no tail. Everyone knows that a dogs tail is important. Other shelter dogs show their friendliness with a wag or swish of their tails, but poor Wagner has nothing to wag. How will Wagner show the families and children that he is happy and friendly?

Follow Wagner through the delightfully illustrated pages of WAGNER, THE DOG WITH NO TAIL, as he struggles to find happiness and a family to love. Wagners story is a truly heartwarming tale (or, tail) of self-acceptance and perseverance. We can all learn something from Wagner.

About the Author:

Marlene Alexander resides in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. She lives with her husband of 40 years, John and a little dog with no tail, named Christie. Christie, a Jack Russell Terrier with a stubby tail of her own, helped to inspire the story of WAGNER, THE DOG WITH NO TAIL.

(2015, Paperback, 30 pages)