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Viewed Forces
by John King

Viewed Forces shows us the power that protects God’s children is God’s love for mankind. These forces, once recognized, will help you to understand how to show real love to one another.

Author John King saw, with his own eyes, God helping him so many times throughout his life. He hopes readers will see a doorway to a better life, that hope fills their hearts, and love rules each moment in their lives.

In this book, through John, God will ask the world a question. If this book is truth, perhaps the world should listen.

Enjoy each day, don’t give up, smile! God loves you very much, more than you will ever know!

About the Author:

John King lives in Northwest Alabama. He loves a variety of music, God, and his family, and enjoys good company.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review