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In the quiet town of Bridge Falls, a boy meets a girl with whom he falls in love. Though this is what he feels, he himself doesnt know, or is afraid to admit that such is his feelings for her.

Rainey has big plans for himself. Though adept at farm life, having grown up in one, he doesnt want that life. He is studying architecture and will soon be graduating, on his way to fulfill his dreams. Vienna is the new girl in town. She is beautiful and quirky. Her family owns the newest diner in town, which has become a quick success. And that is where the fateful first meeting of Rainey and Vienna takes place. They are drawn to each other like moths to a flame, their young hearts reveling at the feelings and sensations that they evoke to each other. But unacknowledged love, at least in words, can be as damaging as an unrequited one, since they both look and sound the same. And from this tragic omission, caused by youthful arrogance and misunderstanding, will a love story be fulfilled, yet twenty years in the making.

About the Author

JULI ANA ANDREW lives in a small rural community in Southern British Columbia with her husband. They live on the banks of a pristine river. Her main priority was raising their two children and being involved in their activities. Once they left home, she worked as a long-term care aide at their local hospital. She has also done various volunteer work.

Julis hobbies have included traveling, gardening, antiquing, and painting. VIENNA is her first novel, and she is well on her way to continuing on with her story in a sequel.

(2013, Paperback, 358 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review