Vengeance Is Mine

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Vengeance Is Mine
by Marie Weems

Kitty Evans, a young, beautiful blonde woman, is anxiously awaiting the return of her love, Gary Lane, from war. She keeps his letter with her always, remembering the face of the man who stole her heart.

But then she receives the horrific newsGarys plane, the China Clipper, has gone down and there are no survivors. Devastated, Kitty believes she will never recover and mourns the loss of her love. Soon Kitty meets Bill Mason, a somewhat persistent man who immediately falls in love with Kitty and insists they should be together.

Can Kittys broken heart mend enough for her to share a piece of it with Bill?

About the Author

Marie Weems lives in Lonoke, Arkansas. She is retired and enjoys reading and listening to music. This is her first published book.

(2011, paperback, 290 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review