USA War with China 20xx

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USA War with China 20xx

By: Jack Tse

About the Book

“Should the US declare war with China” is a question hovering over everybody’s heads nowadays. Should they use nuclear weapons? Nobody knows. Should they bring the end of the world? Everybody hopes it is not that bad.

In human history, great dynasties come and go as an eternity. The British Empire stayed on top of the world platform from 1815 (Treaty of Vienna) to 1997 (Hang over Hong Kong to China). She was the first real world power and left the world of industrial revolution, democracy, judiciary, Christianity, and a sample of civilized community structure. The United States is a successor of British World Power from 1945 to 20xx. Her supremacy was built on a pyramid of successes on brilliant industries, science, transportations, and now a digital era. Her hegemony has ironically constructed a long, peaceful time to the world. China is running on the back now, copying the road of modern industries, military, and economy for other world powers. Can China take over the Seat of Overlord of the World? Statistics says yes, nobody can stop China now on the way of handing over from the US to China about the World Power Scepter. If a decisive war happens to them as it happened many times in human history is a myth to us. This is how the world would be if China leads the world as her way of ruling in China.


(2019, Paperback, 512 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review