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Unimaginable Dream: Inheritance

By:Gilbert G. Wagner


About the Book

I inherit a great amount of money that I use to form a conglomerate. I buy the things I dream about. A lavish world cruise with my family. I form a mother company and use family and friends to operate it. My companies develop futuristic cars, airplanes and naval ships. In addition, a new type of fuel for them, making them go father and faster. I am above normal with negotiations.

About the Author

Author Gilbert G. Wagner loves to do woodwork: desks, tables, cabinets. He has been married to Gayle for fifty-four years, and they have two daughters and two grandchildren. He coached both of his daughters in soccer for nine years. He likes fishing and has a deeper-than-normal love for cars.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review