Undeveloped: Poems Written in My Adolescence - eBook

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By: Niyah Dedman


About the Book

Niyah Dedman’s Undeveloped is a poetic journey into a little piece of her life as a teenager. These relatable poems can help readers picture themselves in a similar position and be able to experience the emotions that one feels during the adolescence phase of life.

There are many books about being a teenager, but they aren’t realistic. These poems are. We need to realize that teenagers are going through challenging times as well as adults.


About the Author

When she’s not watching romantic comedies with her mom, Niyah Dedman is busy at school, playing the piano, baking vegan treats, or at church. Writing is a release for all the stress that builds from her busy schedule.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review