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By: November


About the Book

Unbreakable is a beautiful coming of age story. It is told in vivid detail from the perspectives of multiple characters and is sure to engage its readers with its tale of love, loss, and perseverance. The book tells the story of a hopeless girl who has been through too much in her young life and of the boy who saves her from herself. With the help of one another, the young lovers begin to gain hope, find reasons to live, and search for ways to try to get better. Unfortunately, the best things in life don’t always last, and nothing is ever as simple as it should be.

About the Author

November is only sixteen years old and has been writing since the age of eleven. They have always dreamed of being a published author but never thought that dream would come true until now. Writing is their biggest passion, followed by psychology. They enjoy mixing the two passions by writing about mental health. They have found writing to be an escape from their own problems in life, and they are excited to share their thoughts with the world.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review