Twisted Veins

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Twisted Veins
by K M Boze

In this action-packed science fiction novel, zombies are fast taking over the world, and it is up to an intrepid band of human resisters to try to stop them. But beside their fight against their once-human opponents, the besieged group of people have plenty of all too human problems of their own. Follow Xyla, Hunter, Damein, Chyna, and the rest of Bozes very relatable characters as they struggle for love, life and the future in Twisted Veins, a book that will keep you coursing forward!

About the Author:

After receiving a bachelors degree in Professional Studies, K M Boze decided to write a series of books consisting of three volumes: Empty Vessels, Decomposition, and the final book, Twisted Veins. The topic is one that fascinates her- zombies. The topic also fascinates her family and it is their support, and her passion for writing, that inspire her to be an author.

Empty Vessels was featured at an International Book Fair in Miami in 2014, where it received the Gold Seal of Literacy Excellence. Boze attends Zombie Runs as often as she can; there she likes to display her works and hold book signings.

(2017, Paperback, 742 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review