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by Gail Contreina Terry According to Gail Contreina Terrys personal observations, having a twin sibling has many advantages including always having someone with whom to play, dance, sing, and even fight. Twins seem to share an uncommonly close bond, and Ms. Terrys poetic appreciation for such a close companion shines like a beacon through every joyful word in Twins. For those who are not fortunate enough to have a twin sibling, Ms. Terry offers an overview of the engaging experiences twins share as they make their way through life: Twins are very special and very close, too
When one gets upset, the other does too
We play, sing, and dance together; thats what twins do Having a twin also means someone to share the ups and downs in life, such as in Twins First Steps: Before we took the next step, we held each others hand
Away with the next step, we both fell again
We took each other by the hand and took another step Theres always double the adventure when two are involved, particularly when those two not only look alike, but think alike, and Ms. Terrys poetic musings on the joy of being and having a twin is readily apparent to Twins of any age! ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Memphis, Tennessee, Gail Contreina Terry is a daycare teacher and mother to five children: Tandra, Jaslyn, Sheltina, and Sheltrina. In her spare time she enjoys bowling and reading. (2005, paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review