Trump Tribalism and the God Module - eBook

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Trump Tribalism and the God Module

By: James A. Lahde


About the Book

What makes Trump Tribalism and the God Module unique and interesting is the God Module, a cluster of nerves in the human brain that addicts humans to tribal ideologies while blinding them to contrary ideologies—Classic tribalism; and the role God Modules play in driving liberal, rebel forces to ferment chaos in large, established, conservative cultures where community solidarity is lost. Rebels like “Father of the New Left,” Marxist professor Herbert Marcuse who in the 1970s influenced students like Soul Alinsky, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama to destroy capitalism by dividing the country via identity politics—Classic Internecine Tribalism. In a few decades that pathological Marxist philosophy turned into Postmodernism that was driven by the Gang of 5: The media, social sciences, “Income Elite,” Democrat Party, and public education institutions.

What readers should take away is an appreciation for how the God Module does not differentiate between how religious and secular tribes function; how successful classic tribalism, (nationalism) has been for the human species; and how destructive internecine tribalism has been to many large, established, historic tribes like Rome, as well as large, established, democratic tribes like America.


About the Author

Jim A. Lahde is a retired educator and environmental consultant to land developers and city planning commissions. He received a Bachelors and Masters in Biology from Northern Michigan University, and a Specialist in environmental science and a PhD in environmental education from the University of Michigan. Teaching experience includes biology instructor and environmental consultant, Southfield Public Schools and associate instructor for Northern Michigan University and University of Michigan. He previously served in the military in the Beech Jumpers Unit One from 1955 – 1963 and is a member of the UDT-Seals Association.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review