Trill O.G Presents Part III: GDC II Orlando - Audiobook

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Trill O.G Presents Part III: GDC II Orlando

By: Gavano


About the Book

Join Gavano, Bread, and Lambo as their adventure concludes—and just in time too! Too much time spent together on the road and in close confines has them at each other’s throats as greed, entitlement, and competition begin to run wild, and the three of them weasel their way into anywhere they can.

About the Author

Gavano began writing after working/attending his first festival, Bonnaroo. While there, the events that transpired were so crazy, he felt compelled to write them down. Though he never intended to be a writer, and after hand-writing Gavano in a very chaotic environment, he never wanted to write a book again.

But, after people began complementing his work and as more crazy events relentlessly happened on a regular basis, Gavano decided to invest his life savings in furthering his adventures and continuing the series.


(2023, Audiobook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review