Transform My Tude in 30 Seconds - eBook

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Transform My Tude in 30 Seconds

By: Dr. Inspire


About the Book

1. Are you overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, bored, an addict, grumpy, searching, wondering, longing, clueless, or do you have a feeling of emptiness?

2. Maybe you're none of these and you are just looking for a way to flex and stretch your mind?

3. This book will aid in all of the above and then some. This book will also exercise your brain causing it to flex and stretch.

4. In as little as a Thirty Second Tip” received, your life can be changed for an eternity.

5. This book is great for parties as well.

6. You must read this aloud for full effect when you’re alone or with a group of people to challenge your brain muscles and signals. Who can flex and stretch their brain the most and whose brain is the biggest?

7. The life-changing application can change your life for an eternity and aid you in finding your particular design in this world. The benefits are eternal soul saving and by far outweigh the side effects. Higher vibrations to inspire.


(2024, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review