Touching Home: A 50-Year Journey through the Fields of Sport

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Touching Home: A 50-Year Journey through the Fields of Sport
by Jim Beck

While getting kids involved in sports seems a taxing part of family lifedemanding time from parents, patience from coaches and sports officials, and prioritization skills from studentsit offers an effective avenue for families to bond together, for school officials to gain deeper insights into their students psyche, and for kids to discover their strengths.

Through this compilation of essays, mostly of anecdotes of his close encounter with sports throughout the decades, Jim Beck is able to present to the readers the raw, hilarious side of sports involvement that will bring families to a deeper realization of the effects of sports on every aspect of their lives.

About the Author

Jim Beck was born and raised in Illinois and worked as a high school English teacher in Crystal Lake Community School District 155, where he was also a football, basketball, and baseball coach. He and his wife, Diana, still reside in Crystal Laketheir home for the past thirty-seven years.

(2012, hardback, 222 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review