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Toby’s Big Adventure

By: Bonnie Lou Schreiner

About the Book

Toby is a spunky little Shetland sheepdog who lives on a farm with his mama and papa. It is fun on the farm, especially since there are always lots of other puppies to play with. They get many visitors, people coming to search for a new little puppy to call their own!

                       But one day Toby is taken away from his friends, placed in a small carrier, and driven away from the farm. Where is he going? He is so scared. Finally, he arrives at his destination, where his “new mama,” Bonnie, is awaiting him. Even though he is fearful, he has hopes that his new mama will welcome him with open arms.

                       Toby’s Big Adventure is a wonderful tale of the beautiful connection between humans and their furry friends.


About the Author

Bonnie Lou Schreiner was born in Rochester, New York. She has three sons; one of whom was a Marine who was killed in Iraq. She enjoys spending time with her five grandchildren. Along with taking walks with her dog, Bonnie also enjoys reading, sewing, quilting, and baking.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review